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Majordomotic The remote control Majordomotic is an innovative device and versatile and easy installation suitable for the remote control of various electrical devices such as gates, lamps, doors, box and so be activated by a common relay.

The system is connected to an Internet cloud server through which you can manage access from anywhere in the world via a web browser or from your smart phone.

 In fact, through simple management panel you can:

  • email management registration create new accesses (token)
  • create time restrictions or password authentication token
  • delete a token display accesses,
  • to be notified when an optional access was made.
How it works:

The administrator initially configure an e-mail message that will be sent to user automatically when you create its access token.

 The user should use their smartphone connected to the internet to activate enabled devices by simply clicking on the link in the body of the message received.

 The price includes the first setup of remote installation excluding cables and electrical connections that are charged to the customer.

requires an internet connection with static IP address, or configuring a dynamic dns dynamic with a compatible router.

Router and internet connection are charged to the customer.

The warranty applies only to the module and only for failures due to manufacturing defects.

Types of mainboards

  • Dmitry Ivaniuk
    LAN mainboard 2 channel

    The device manages two outputs RELAY with loads up to 10 A

    you need to connect to the Internet via a network cable and router configured properly

    Mainboard DevLAN2

  • Dmitry Ivaniuk
    LAN mainboard 8 channel

    The device manages eight outputs RELAY with loads up to 10 A

    Mainboard DevLAN8

  • Dmitry Ivaniuk
    WIFI mainboard 4 channel

    The device manages four outputs RELAY with loads up to 10 A

    The connection to the Internet will be made by the client wifi

    Mainboard DevWiFi4

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